Research and Development

S.No Project Name Project Type Project Status Location Donor Name Brief of Project
1 Faecal Sludge & Septage Management Research Project Research - FSSM Research & Development of Mobile Septage Treatment Unit Ongoing Dindigul, Tamil Nadu Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The project initiated in the year 2018. This is a detailed research project to develop, technically validate and commercialise Mobile septage Treatment Unit (MTU). The technical validation of Mobile septage Treatment Unit (MTU) is already complete and efforts are underway for commercialization of the product.
2 Briquette of faecal sludge as a replacement for charcoal Sanitation Completed Dindigul, Tamil Nadu Pilot project This preliminary research was conducted to find means of using dry faecal sludge as a fuel that eliminates pollution from the unused sludge dumped into the environment. Rich in carbon, the experiment was conducted to understand whether briquettes made from carbonising the pellets from faecal sludge could replace the conventional wood charcoal and bring its use in various industries.
3 Sunidhi Toilet Sanitation Completed Dindigul and Madurai, Tamil Nadu Pilot project Sunidhi Toilet is a women-friendly toilet that is designed to cater to the needs of women and adolescent girls especially in public places such as markets, parks etc. The toilet has facilities such as Indian and Western water closets, sanitary napkin vending machine, incinerator, and wash basin with mirror. It is a readymade ferrocement toilet that is cost effective and very easy to install. 13 Sunidhi Toilets were piloted in Dindigul & Madurai districts of Tamil Nadu in 2018 & 2019 under this project
4 FSM study Sanitation Completed Bihar and West Bengal PSI Under this project in-depth study on FSM was done for two states during 2015-2016 and mapping of best practices was also done across India.