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Swachh Vidyalaya and Swachh Villages

Posted on 20 Feb 2017, 10:30AM
Picture of Constructed Toilet Block

Compound wall in SDS Middle school

Implementing States Bihar
Funded by ITC

Background of project:

ITC limited, one of India's foremost multi-business enterprises and one among the World's Best Big Companies, have been focusing dedicatedly to bring social changes among the communities by undertaking various development works across India through its CSRactivities. One such imitative is targeting to bring changes in the WASH scenario in various Government educational institutions like Primary/ Middle School/ High schools adjacent to its ITC's production units in Munger, Bihar State. In March 2016, WASHI proposed a partnership to ITC Limited for undertaking a School WASH project – including infrastructural development and hygiene promotion activities in selected schools of Munger District, Bihar. ITC Limited Munger approved the proposal and the collaborative project was undertaken under the title of "Swachh Vidyalaya & Swachh Villages".

Hardware Activities:

WES facilities and other non-WES hardwarefacilities (approach road within schools campus, boundary wall, gate, repairing of school building) were undertaken in 25 schools during this year.

The WES hardware activities include:

• Construction of separate urinals and toilets for boys and girls in schools with provision of running water.
• Construction drinking water facilities in schools.
• Construction of utensil/plate washing station.
• Construction of change room with incinerator attach with sanitary block in middle school.

The Non WES hardware facilities include:

• Construction of school kitchen.
• Boundary wall with gate.
• Rough flooring works in school campus.
• Class room repairing.
• School building repairing.

The non wash hardware components were undertaken to improve child friendliness of the schools and create an enabling environment for the children to concentrate on their scholastic development and academic outcomes.

Software Activities:

Formation & Strengthening of the Child Cabinet in the Schools:

During the current period, WASHi Institute has formed Child Cabinets in 15 schools and strengthened existing Child Cabinets in 12 schools. The main objective of this activity was to institutionalize the maintenance of constructed sanitary blocks&water station through involvement of the child cabinet members;besides developing the children as role model for other school children and also their own communities. While forming these child cabinet groups, were trained on the roles and responsibilities of the different ministers like Prime Minister, Health minister, and education Minister etc. Children were initiated on concepts like safe water and safe disposal of human excreta etc. They accumulated enough sensitivity to appreciate the importance of water and the sanitary facilities in the schools.

Teachers Sensitization

Sensitization sessions with teachers were conducted in 27 schools to ensure their support involvement and commitment for furthering hygiene promotion in school and establishment of system related to operation and maintenance. It is envisaged that the teachers will ensure the sustainability of the project by inculcating the values of practicing proper hygiene among students after the completion of the period. Thus providing them with the necessary inputs to develop their capacity was deemed important. Teachers participated in these sessions with great enthusiasm and it is expected that they will be able to discharge their envisaged responsibilities effectively.

Sensitization of Mid Day Meal Workers

Sensitization of the women in charge of mid day meal for preparation of hygienic meals keeping view of nutritional content was the focus of these trainings. The health benefits of improved water sanitation facilities and practice of improved hygiene among children can be sustained through proper food intake. This objective formed the rationale for this training. Besides, themselves being mothers, these women once empowered through the training was expected to practice the same at home and also disseminate the information in their community. 65 women in 25 schools took part in these trainings.

Organizing Video Shows

25 video shows were conducted in the schools. The shows focused on water scarcity, water conservation, water handling in schools and homes, the ill effects of open defecation and how school children can bring changes in schools and villages to have healthy life etc. Children learnt that consumption of unsafe water and open defecation are the root causes of all diseases. Children were convinced and motivated that they will act as change agents to bring improvement in the practices of their parents and elders in respect of hygiene and particularly to stop open defection.

Involving Children in Spreading Awareness

• Sit and Draw competition:

Sit and draw competitions were organized 27 schools. The theme of the sit and draw competition was "Swachh Vidyalaya and Swachh Villages look how they are polluted". This theme was chosen to make children imagine a clean schools and neat village and to generate awareness on how their schools and villages are being polluted by their daily activities • Special Day Celebrations:

On 5th June, WASHI Munger team participated in World Environment Day Celebrations which was organized by ITC along with all ITC partners in Munger. The program started with tree plantation followed by a rally which saw participation of the staff of partner organizations, along with few school children, SHG members.

IEC Development:

Wall Painting on toilet blocks and developing and displaying of hoardings to make children aware about improved water sanitation and hygiene practices was also undertaken. the issues covered through these communications include - personal hygiene, handling of water, usage of toilets, F charts, how to live healthy life, route of diarrheal infection in children & preventive measures, roles and responsibilities of the child cabinets regarding the water and sanitation related issues etc.

WASHi Munger team has organized teachers training on Swachh vidyalaya for all the ITC intervened schools. The training was organized for two days. About 60 participants like Head teacher, Assistant teacher and SMC Secretary have attended the training and gained the knowledge on Swachh vidyalaya. The objectives of the trainings are explaining the SBM features of swachh vidyalaya and its benefits, Operation and Maintenance of Swachh vidyalaya.