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World Water Day Celebration 2017

World Water Day Celebration at Munger, Bihar "SwachhVidyalaya&Swachh Villages" WASH Institute, Munger
On 22March 2017, the International World Water Day, WASH Institute with the support of ITC Limited organized an awareness campaign in Munger District, Bihar. A Prachar Vehicle (Mobile Van) with display hoardings all around to convey the message 'Save Water'. The vehicle was also fitted with audio system to disseminate the message. Leaflets on importance of water and making water accessible safe, protected and sustainable water to communities was distributed to the people. The Prachar Vehicle started by around 9 am from WASH Institute field office at Munger and travelled to different places in the district, nearly 60 kms. The vehicle stopped at important places like Munger Fort, Bus stand and other places and broadcasted the full audio script, along with leaflet distribution. Around 3000 people were reached through this mass awareness campaign.


1. Awareness on "World Water Day" created among general public in Munger.

2. Our World water Day Message was appreciated by Media coverage by the daily "Hindustan", which also printed entire leaflet information which contained critical information from Central Government Water Committee analysis report , thereby the effort reaching more number if people across the state.

World Water Day Celebration by WASH Institute-Bhadrachalam Field Office
The International World Water Day was celebrated by ITC- Mission SunerahKal and WASH Institute, Bhadrachalam , in Bhurgampadu Mandal which included a series of activities like

• Awareness rallies in Bhurgampadu and Iravendi Village
• Essay competition for school children
• Community level meetings with local politicians and Government officials
• Training to youth and WATSAN members on Water quality monitoring and
• Inauguration of new Infrastructure for school at Iravendi village

The objective of conducting this event to make the communities aware about the importance of conserving water and the need to ensure safe water to all. The World Water Day theme in 2017 is "Why waste water?" which is about reducing and reusing wastewater. Wastewater is a valuable resource to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goal Number 6 wastewater and also to increase the recycling and safe reuse of water across the globe.

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